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Nor’Wester Premium Triangle Shade Sail


Our Premium Shade sails are manufactured in Canada using UV stabilized high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shade fabric and UV stabilized sewing thread. Each corner is reinforced using multiple layers of shade cloth and stainless steel rings.

  • Handmade in Canada to the specifications of our patented construction method.
  • UV Stabilized, high-density Polyethylene Shade Fabric 10 year UV warranty.
  • UV Stabilized Sewing Thread
  • Triple stitched reinforced Corners
  • 316 Stainless corner D-Ring

A Triangle Shade Sail is an excellent choice for those who have minimal attachment options. Offering less shade than a square or rectangular Shade Sail, a triangle Shade Sail is typically lighter and perfect for those who have, for instance, two anchor points on their house and one post.

Shade Sails Canada guarantees its products and we only deal in optimum quality. Trained by experts in the field in Australia our knowledge and expertise is our biggest asset in our ability to deliver the best quality Shade Sail, we guarantee it.

Our Pre-Cut Sails should be to your door in less than two weeks from the time of ordering. An expedited service is available and sails can be produced in as few as two business days.

Shade Sails Canada also offers convenient and cost effective Shade Sails Kits, which include everything you need to get your Shade Sail flying as quickly as possible.

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    Our products come with a high-quality webbing in the seam of your Shade Sail providing strength and tension between attachment points. Particularly if you're purchasing a large Shade Sail, we recommend upgrading the webbing to a stainless steel cable; this ensures equal tensioning, increased water run-off and zero stretch, lengthening the life of your Shade Sail.

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Nor'Wester Premium Triangle Shade Sail
A Triangle Shade Sail is an excellent choice for those who have minimal attachment options.Beautiful Lake-side Shade SailsNorwester Premium Shade Sail Colour OptionsOptional Stainless Steel Cable System