Residential Shade Sails Canada

Commercial TensArch

Conception to Installation

In our most comprehensive episode of Shade Sails TV to date, join Brydon as he discusses the exciting process, from visualizing your Shade Sail, to the installation and maintenance of your sail. We go through mapping out your sail with rope and looking for possible attachment points followed by common tricks, tips, and problems when installing your Shade Sail.  We go through the minimum specifications for your attachment points and important considerations for attaching your sail to the side of your house. Finally, we go through what hardware you should use and the options available to you when purchasing your hardware and what comes with your purchase.

Shade Sails Installation

In the second episode of Shade Sails TV, join Brydon on-site as we discuss the installation of a Shade Sail. We go through the most important considerations when designing a project and elements critical to the getting the most out of your Shade Sail. We discuss the intricacies of tensioning your sail and steps you can take to ensure your structure stays tensioned throughout the season.

Shade Sails Material & Hardware

In the first episode of Shade Sails TV, Brydon discusses the different types of Shade Sails Material, our hardware and the main differences between a regular store-bought Shade Sail and a high-quality Shade Sail bought from Shade Sails Canada. We discuss the differences between Monotec cloth, a high-end, high durability sailcloth and Shadecloth, a highly UV protective cloth, both of which last up to 10-15 years. We will also go through an overview of our marine grade hardware, including our cable systems, D-rings and turnbuckles.