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Our shade sails come in two configurations, standard sized and custom sized. Standard sized shade sails are a cheaper product due to the ease of manufacturing, they come in a set range of sizes and you must adjust your position your posts and attachment points around your chose size. Custom sized shade sails are made to fit your specifications exactly, eliminating the need to calculate attachment points on your own. With a custom sized shade sail, you install your posts and other attachment points, take all of the measurements and Shade Sails Canada will make a custom sized shade sail to fit that space exactly.

Many try to use standard sized sails for cost savings but in some cases, the use of two or more standard sized sails requires more posts which are much more costly then sails. If your goal is coverage, then in many cases you are better to pay more for a custom sail to fit the area exactly, then try to make standard sized work. In many cases, this gives you a better look, a better fit and can be cheaper. E.g. one four-point sail can look better and offer more coverage the multiple triangles.

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