Outdoor Shade Sails, Canopies and Structures for Public Space

Key Considerations

Our major consideration for any large space or seating area is maximizing the useability and comfort of that space. Social distancing measures are forcing businesses and organizations to make better use of the space they have available and it is now more important than ever to optimize the use of outdoor areas. Shade structures create large amounts of shade, reducing the temperature of outdoor space and protecting the facility’s users from harmful UV rays. Free-span fabric structures are our most popular products for this application.

Maximizing Space & Comfort

Large Span Ability – Free-span structures, in particular, can cover large areas of 60ft+ easily with a single sail. Continuously shaded areas have been shown to lower the temperature of an outdoor space significantly compared to intermittent shade created by umbrellas, for example.

Unobtrusive – Thanks to the substantial footings of a free-span structure, posts can be placed outside of the area you are looking to shade, creating more space for users of the facility. This also creates more space for equipment such and tables and chairs and allows free-flowing movement.

All-Weather Capability – Shade structures are engineered to withstand the vast majority of weather conditions. We also offer waterproof fabric which can further maximise the use of your space along with components such as Flush Track that attaches one side of the fabric to a flat surface such as a wall, particularly useful for shading entrance ways.

Adding Aesthetic – Our structures can also contribute to the aesthetic quality of an outdoor area, which is particularly important for creating a comfortable space that people enjoy. Shade analysis and design is an important part of our process and we take pride in creating unique areas that add the quality of your facility.


When encouraging people to spend more time outside, providing a safe space is paramount especially with our summers getting hotter. TensArch uses only the highest quality fabrics on the market, which provide up to 98% UV resistance. Thanks to the ability to position the footings outside of the area being shaded, shade structures provide a large, safe space with no obstructions.

Low Maintenance

Sails need to be taken down during the winter, however, our hardware is easy to use and this task can be performed by maintenance staff, we also offer a Drop and Fly service through our network of affiliates and installers should you need this. Shade structures are extremely durable and require little to no maintenance during the season.

Shade Sails at Point Peele National Park

Fabric & Colour

We offer a selection of fabric types in a broad range of colours that can be matched to your branding and equipment. Sails can be customized to your specifications with logos, multiple colours and much more. Posts can also be powder-coated in a variety of colours offering a large range of combinations.


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