Shade Sails and Canopies for Storage & Showrooms

Key Considerations

Shade structures are not limited to leisure use, our primary consideration when shading a storage area or showroom is the protection of assets within that area from the sun and inclement weather conditions. Our customers have seen an immediate and prolonged return on investment from extending the longevity of stock to the prevention of damage to their property, for example from hail. Popular products for these applications include free-span & framed structures.


Temperature Reduction – One of the most popular uses for our shade structures in an industrial setting is the shade of stock such as food, beverages and other supplies. Uninterrupted shade, created by large spanned sails or framed structures, significantly reduces the ground and air temperature extending the time in which you can store stock in your loading bays and outside storage areas.

All-Weather – Our shade structures are engineered to handle the vast majority of weather conditions and only need to be taken down in winter and during severe storms. Certain structures can also be manufactured with waterproof fabric, which can provide further protection and can be combined with Flush Track, which attaches one side of your sail to a flat surface such as a wall.

Shade Size – Free-span structures can easily span over 60ft creating huge amounts of shade without the need for support posts in the middle of your space. We also offer other solutions such as framed and cantilever structures which can be used to shade smaller areas while still enabling freedom of movement in the shaded area.

Adding Aesthetic

When adding shade to expensive products such as cars, it’s important for our structures to maintain or contribute to the aesthetic of the space. Free-span structures are the most aesthetically pleasing, in our opinion, as we can vary post heights twisting the fabric into an attractive hyperbolic shape. Framed and cantilever structures also look excellent especially with powder-coated posts and a fabric colour that matches your branding or products.

Cost Efficiency & ROI

In addition to the ROI our customers experience from increased longevity of stock and damage reduction, it is often much cheaper and more efficient to shade an outdoor area rather than erecting a substantial structure such as a building. Our shade structures also require little to no maintenance, once erected, sails will remain correctly tensioned throughout the season and depending on the structure will only need to be taken down during a serious storm or during the winter months.

Fabric & Colour

We offer a selection of fabrics that are available in a wide range of colours. Posts can also be powder coated in a variety of colours creating the perfect combination for your space. We can colour match fabrics and paint to compliment your branding or products and make customizations to the sails and fabric to meet your specifications.


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