Niagara Falls Zip Line

LocationNiagara Falls, Ontario

StructureFree-Span Shade Sail Fabric Structure

WildPlay Element Parks specializes in Zip Line Adventure Parks and have properties across Canada. Their Niagara Falls property runs parallel to the American Falls with a spectacular view of the Canadian Falls directly ahead. Naturally, during the summer months, their rooftop base is exposed to sun and needed a shaded area for their staff and customers.

Fabric Structures are becoming synonymous across Canada with summer adventure activities where customers and staff spend time lining up for rides. Shade fabric provides up to 90% UV protection enabling staff to fulfil their duties all day long while staying safe from the sun.

The existing structure provided the perfect support for multiple shade sails; TensArch provided consultation to WildPlay during the planning stage of the project, ensuring the most effective solution for shading their upper deck. We then fabricated multiple custom Shade Sails to fit their intricate framed system.

FabricCommercial 95

SectorAdventure Tourism

Size600 sq ft

OwnerWildPlay Element Parks

Completion DateJuly 2016


LocationNiagara Falls, Ontario

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