Traveller System | Adjustable Shade Sail Track

$500.00 CAD

Shade Sails Traveller System

Inspired by our nautical roots, the Shade Sails Traveller system facilitates an adjustment to the positioning of the corner of your shade sail, allowing you to move the corner and accommodate a wider range of sun positions. As a pulley system, the Traveller can also be used to apply final tensioning to the Shade Sail.

Kit includes

  • One main pulley and cleat unit
  • Two mini pulleys for the top & the bottom of the track
  • 1 stainless steel rope cleat
  • 5ft track and screws
  • Nylon rope

All of our hardware is made from marine grade made stainless steel or zinc plated, offering the highest quality and durability for all conditions. Our hardware is made to last and the high-quality metals also look fantastic, adding to the overall quality of your shade structure.

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The Shade Sails Traveller is inspired by traveller systems used on yachts, which allow the movement of sails. When used with a Shade Sail, this allows you to adjust the positioning of the corner of your shade sail, which is particularly useful if one side of the shade sail faces the rising or setting sun. You can also use the shade sail traveller system to easily apply final tensioning to the shade sail if doing so by hand is difficult. The cleat system allows you to easily lock the shade sail from any position, especially if the attachment point is well above head height.

The system includes a 5ft track, which is affixed to your post with screws, one main pulley and cleat unit, two mini cleats, which are attached above and below the track and a rope cleat, which is attached around the middle of the track and allows you to tie-off your rope, securing the position of the pulley and keeping your rope neat and tidy.

This is a marine grade pulley system (block and tackle) used on yachts and will last a lifetime, as will your shade sail. We have carefully sourced each of the components for their quality and longevity. Each pulley is made from stainless steel and high-quality plastic.


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