Custom Premium Shade Sails

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Our Custom Shade Sails are Handmade in Canada to the specifications of our patented construction method.

  • UV Stabilized, high-density Polyethylene Shade Fabric
  • UV Stabilized Solar Fix Sewing Thread
  • Triple-Stiched & Layered Reinforced Corners
  • 316 Stainless Corner Keeper Ring and Thimble Ring
  • Ships complete with all attachment hardware
  • 10 or 15 year UV warranty, fade resistance, easy to wash and keep clean

Prices range from $5.50 per square foot for squares and rectangles and from $13.2 per lineal foot for triangles. We offer a custom calculator to give you a rough estimate of the price of your shade sail.

Custom Calculator

Custom Shade Sails are made to fit perfectly so it is imperative your measurements are very precise (POSTS AND FIXING POINTS MUST BE IN PLACE BEFORE YOU MEASURE.)  Please take the time to take the correct measurements and follow the instructions on our custom order form, you will be very pleased with the results. Please download and fill in our Custom Shade Sail order form below and return to, if in doubt ask us, we’re here to help.

The Original... The Best.

Handmade with Love in Canada

Our premium Custom Shade Sails can be cut to fit almost any shape and configuration. All Custom Shade Sails have stainless steel cable sewn into the perimeter pocket of the sail. This allows the Sails to tension better and more evenly making the sail much more rigid in its flight.

Our Shade Sails are manufactured in Canada using UV stabilised high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shade fabric and UV stabilised sewing thread. Each corner is reinforced using multiple layers of shade cloth and stainless steel rings. Our Shade Fabric comes in two lines, Commercial 95 & Monotec 370; both come in unique colour options, which can be seen in the gallery. We stand behind both of these lines, however, the Monotec 370 is a higher-grade fabric.

Shade Sails Canada guarantees its products and we only deal in optimum quality. Trained by experts in the field in Australia our knowledge and expertise is our biggest asset in our ability to deliver the best quality Shade Sail, we guarantee it.

Hardware Kits

Marine-Grade Stainless Steel

All Custom Shade Sails come with a complete hardware kit. Our hardware kits contain everything you’ll need to fly your sail. All of our hardware is high load rated and made from marine grade stainless steel, offering the highest quality for all conditions.

  • Turnbuckles
  • “D” shackles

Turnbuckles are also used to tension your Shade Sail properly and allow for easy and efficient adjustment during the season. D-shackles attach your turnbuckles to the corners of the sail.

Advanced Tensioning System

Stainless Steel Cable

All custom sails come with our Advanced Tensioning System; a stainless steel cable that ensures equal tensioning, increased water run-off and zero -stretch, lengthening the life of your Shade Sail.

Ready to Fly

Additionally, we install all hardware appropriately on each corner and thread your cable through the pocket of your sail before it is shipped, free of charge, saving you time and reducing errors when installing.

Checkout & Shipping

Safe & Secure

We use one of Canada’s most popular and trusted credit card processors, Paypal Payments Pro, for our Payment Gateway. Our site is secured using SSL encryption, ensuring your details are always safe and secure.

An expedited service is available and sails can be produced in as few as two business days. On our Cart Page, our shipping is calculated directly from Canada Post’s API, ensuring you receive multiple options with accurate shipping times.

1 review for Custom Premium Shade Sails

  1. Dustin Littler

    Just wanted to let you know that I installed the sail this weekend, and it looks awesome! Just what I had drawn up and visualized. I’ve attached a few pictures of the finished product.Thanks again for providing a great product!

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