Square & Rectangle Kit


Our Shade Sails hardware kits contain all of the hardware you’ll need to fly your sail. All of our hardware is high load rated and made from marine grade stainless steel, offering the highest quality for all conditions. Your Square and Rectangle Hardware kit includes:

  • Four Kwik Klips
  • Two D Shackle Twisted 1/4″
  • Two Turnbuckle 1/4″
  • Two D Shackle 1/4”
  • One Bow Shackle 5/16”
  • One D Shackle 5/16”
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Shipped with Love from Canada

Please choose your hardware kit carefully, kits for cable perimeter (Advanced Tensioning System) shade sails contain Bow shackles to facilitate the continuous cable.

Kwik Klips are used on each corner of the sail, connecting either your turnbuckle or your D-shackle to your attachment point. Kwik Klips are specifically designed to allow for great ease when putting up and taking down your Shade Sail.

Your Square and Rectangle Hardware kit also comes with two turnbuckles. These are used to tension your Shade Sail properly and allow for easy and efficient adjustment during the season.

Your ¼ D-shackles attach your turnbuckles to your Kwik Klips and the corners of the sail. The longer 3/16 twist D-shackles are used to attach the remaining Kwik Klips to the corners without turnbuckles.

Shade Sails Canada guarantees its products and we only deal in optimum quality. Trained by experts in the field in Australia, our knowledge and expertise is our biggest asset in our ability to deliver the best quality Shade Sail; we guarantee it.

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Our sails should be to your door in less than two weeks from the time of ordering. An expedited service is available and sails can be produced in as few as two business days. On our Cart Page, our shipping is calculated directly from Canada Post’s API, ensuring you receive multiple options with accurate shipping times.


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