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We’re proud to say, we offer the highest quality shade sails on the market. In order to get the most out of your shade sail, it needs to have the proper hardware and needs to be tensioned correctly using high-quality, high load-rated posts. Sourcing all of these together can be a pain, especially when you want to get your shade sail up as quickly as possible so you can kick back in the summer sun and enjoy your garden. That’s where our Shade Sails kits come in.

Shade Sails Kits from Shade Sails Canada

We source only the highest quality materials and offer kits in a variety of sizes and configurations depending on your individual needs; for example, if your shade structure is free standing or attached to the side of your house. Our Shade Sails kits are available for both our Nor’Wester Premium and Bluenose lines and come with the following:

  • Shade Sail of your choice
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware Kit
  • Galvanized Steel Posts

Our Premium Shade sails are manufactured in the Canada using UV stabilized high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shade fabric and UV stabilized sewing thread. Each corner is reinforced using multiple layers of shade cloth and stainless steel rings. Our Bluenose Spring Clearance line is available in multiple sizes and handmade in Australia by the professionals that trained us; made to the highest specifications with their patented construction method.

Our Shade Sails hardware kits contain all of the hardware you’ll need to fly your sail. All of our hardware is high load rated and made from marine grade stainless steel, offering the highest quality for all conditions. Your Hardware kit will include:

  • Three/Four Kwik Klips
  • Two 3/16″ twist “D” shackles
  • One/Two 1/4 inch Turnbuckles
  • Two/Four 1/4 inch “D” shackles

Kwik Klips are used on each corner of the sail, connecting either your turnbuckle or your D-shackle to your attachment point. Kwik Klips are specifically designed to allow for great ease when putting up and taking down your Shade Sail. Your Hardware kit also comes with turnbuckles. These are used to tension your Shade Sail properly and allow for easy and efficient adjustment during the season. Your ¼ D-shackles attach your turnbuckles to your Kwik Klips and the corners of the sail. The longer 3/16 twist D-shackles are used to attach the remaining Kwik Klips to the corners without turnbuckles.

We use galvanized steel posts, further adding to the quality and appearance of your shade structure. These posts are made to last for decades and will provide a solid attachment point ensuring you Shade Sail stays taught all summer long and lasts as long as possible.

Our Shade Sails Kits start at $1849 for a basic 9′ Triangle and increase depending on the configuration of your Shade Structure. Please contact us for a quote.

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