Playshade structures comprise a semi-tensioned canopy flown over a single-mast steel frame. They are square in shade and come in set sizes of 12′ & 14′. Playshade structures require a substantial single footing and as such are designed to be permanent structures. They are particularly popular with playgrounds and child care facilities but can also be used anywhere that requires unobtrusive shade such as restaurants.


High-Quality Umbrella – Playshade structures are very similar in shape and size to a traditional umbrella but come with substantial upgrades; our fabric comes with a 10-year UV warranty, our steel frames can be galvanized or powder coated and our footings provide a much stronger and more durable solution to traditional umbrellas.

Ease of Install – The semi-tensioned canopy can be easily installed at the beginning of the season and taken down at the end of the season by your existing maintenance team. This reduces any on-going cost associated with installing shade.

All-weather – Thanks to their substantial footings, Playshades perform well in all weather conditions and, although we suggest taking the canopy down during months with predicted snowfall, the canopy can be left up during the shoulder season months.

Economical – Playshade structures are our least expensive single-mast structure being a semi-tensioned, more simple version of the cyclone umbrella and hypod structures.

UV-Protection and Heat Reduction – With our summers getting hotter it is more important than ever to provide a safe outdoor space for children. Shade Fabric offers up to 90% UV protection and significantly reduces the temperature of the shaded area providing protection from sunburn and dehydration.


Limited Span & Shade Design – The span and flexibility of a Playshade are much less than that of a free span fabric structure, for example. The footing position is fixed and we can’t customize the canopy design to meet specific shade needs like we can with other structures.

Extensive Footings – Although we have mentioned several benefits of substantial footings, structures that require these footings are not ideal for every facility. These footings require construction and are harder to retrofit into an existing facility.


  1. Marine-Grade Hardware – For outdoor products, high-quality hardware is essential for both the aesthetics and the longevity of your structure. All of our hardware is made from marine-grade forged 316 stainless steel imported from Denmark. High load rated, this material is extremely strong and corrosion-resistant ensuring a polished finish for the life of your hardware.
  2. Double-Stitched Seams – Poorly constructed seams can lead to fraying and strain on a sail’s perimeter. We double stitch our seams with high-quality UV-stabilised thread ensuring a clean even look throughout the perimeter of your sail.
  3. Triple-Layered Reinforced Corners –  Our reinforced corners allow increased levels of tension, improving the aesthetic of the sail and its performance in wind and rain.
  4. Galvanized or Powder-Coated Steel – Frames come galvanized as standard and we also offer an upgrade to powder-coated, which can be used to match the colour of your branding or equipment.


Playshade structures are available in the following fabric types

Commercial Light



Gun Metal

Steel Grey




Navy Blue

Aquatic Blue


Sky Blue

Brunswick Green

Bright Green

Rivergum Green

Deep Ochre

Cherry Red




Desert Sand



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