Standard Sized Quadrilateral Shade Sail


(23 customer reviews)

A Quadrilateral Shade Sail is optimum for maximum amounts of shade and for covering long spaces where a triangular Shade Sail would not suffice. Your Quadrilateral Shade Sail can also be flown with varied anchor points; fly your sail with contrasting heights on the opposing corners for an eye-catching hypar shape.

  • 10-year UV warranty
  • Fade & tear-resistant UV stabilized shade fabric
  • Double-stitched seams & triple-layered reinforced corners
  • Marine-grade 316 stainless steel hardware
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    Shade Sail


To ensure a shade sail looks and performs at its best, tension needs to be applied correctly. Our Standard Shade Sails are handmade in Canada to the specifications of our patented construction method ensuring maximum longevity and safety.

  1. Advanced Tensioning System – Sails made with fabric/belt perimeter have issues with longevity and tension, especially after the first year of use. Our ATS system includes a stainless steel cable that runs along the perimeter of your sail ensuring equal tensioning, increased water run-off and zero-stretch, lengthening the life of your sail.
  2. Triple-Layered Reinforced Corners –  Our reinforced corners allow increased levels of tensioning, improving the aesthetic of the sail and its performance in wind and rain.
  3. Double-Stitched Seams – Poorly constructed seams can lead to fraying and strain on a sail’s perimeter. We double stitch our seams with high-quality UV-stabilised thread ensuring a clean even look throughout the perimeter of your sail.

Fabric & Colour

Standard-Sized Shade Sails are made from our Commercial Light fabric and come in 5 colours. Sun safety is one of the most important factors when choosing shade fabric, Commercial Light fabric is engineered in Australia and subject to rigorous testing, ensuring up to 95.5% UV Protection. It is fade and tear-resistant and comes with a 10-year UV warranty. Made from rot-resistant high-density polyethylene, this fabric is 100% recyclable, lead and phthalate-free and one of the only fabrics on the market to be Oeko-Tex® 100 and Greenguard® certified.


Desert Sand


Gun Metal

Aquatic Blue

Have you considered a custom?

Custom-Sized Shade Sails offer a variety of benefits over Standard Sized Shade Sails.

  1. Ease of Design – Instead of picking a standard size and then trying to fit your posts and attachment points around the size of your shade sail, you supply the measurements of your space and we design a custom shade sail to fit that space perfectly.
  2. Better Tensioning & Longevity – Because the sail is made specifically for your space, there is no slack in your sail ensuring the best possible aesthetics and a longer lifespan.
  3. Fabric & Colour Options – Custom-sized shade sails are available in over 50 different colours spanning 4 different types of fabric.
  4. Non-Continuously Cabled Corners – A significant upgrade from our standard-sized shade sails, the cable in a custom shade sail is terminated at each corner as opposed to running continuously throughout the perimeter, allowing each side of your shade sail to be tensioned individually.

Hardware Kits

Marine-Grade Stainless Steel

For outdoor products, high-quality hardware is essential for both the aesthetics and the longevity of your sail. All of our hardware is made from marine-grade forged 316 stainless steel imported from Denmark. High load rated, this material is extremely strong and corrosion-resistant ensuring a polished finish for the life of your hardware.

Our Shade Sails hardware kits contain all of the hardware you’ll need to fly your sail. Your Quadrilateral Hardware Kit will include:

  • Four Kwik Klips
  • Two 3/16″ twist “D” shackles
  • Two 1/4 inch Turnbuckles
  • Four 1/4 inch “D” shackles

Kwik Klips are used on each corner of the sail, connecting either your turnbuckle or your D-shackle to your attachment point. Kwik Klips are specifically designed to allow for great ease when putting up and taking down your Shade Sail. Turnbuckles are used to tension your Shade Sail properly and allow for easy and efficient adjustment during the season. ¼ D-shackles attach your turnbuckles to your Kwik Klips and the corners of the sail and the longer 3/16 twist D-shackles are used to attach the remaining Kwik Klips to the corners without turnbuckles.

Please note, anchor point hardware will need to be purchased separately, you can view this here.

FAQs & Important Information

Are the sides of a shade sail straight or curved?

The sides of a shade sail are curved to ensure proper tensioning. The amount of the curve (catenary curve) depends on the shape of the shade sail and can be adjusted when ordering a custom shade sail. Curvature is not solely for tensioning purposes, it can be increased (to go around a tree or other obstruction) or decreased in some cases. Our design software automatically optimizes the catenary curve for each design.  Please get in contact with our design team for any unique requirements.


Are shade sails waterproof?

Most shade sails are not waterproof unless you are using a waterproof fabric, however, one of the reasons we suggest varying the heights of your posts/attachment points is to encourage water run-off. When your sails are sloped and tightened correctly, the majority of the water will run off to the side of the sail, with only a fine mist making it through the mesh. Heavy rain is not an issue if the sail has a significant slope and is very tight.

To view a comprehansive list of all of our Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQs page.

Checkout & Shipping

Safe & Secure

We use one Canada’s most popular and trusted credit card processors, Paypal Payments Pro, for our Payment Gateway. Our site is secured using SSL encryption, ensuring your details are always safe and secure.

Our sails should be to your door in less than two weeks from the time of ordering. An expedited service is available and sails can be produced in as few as two business days. On our Cart Page, our shipping is calculated directly from Canada Post’s API, ensuring you receive multiple options with accurate shipping times.

23 reviews for Standard Sized Quadrilateral Shade Sail

  1. Liz Allen (verified owner)

    Our shadesail is a nice addition to our backyard. It is a well made product and easy to install.

  2. Martin Beaulieu (verified owner)

    Love our Shade Sail. It is our second one. Works great over our deck.

  3. Rick Hurlin (verified owner)

    Installed a sail shade two summers ago. we are west facing and the sail has made a significant difference to keep the house cooler in the summer but still lets in lots of light. Also makes the outdoor space more usable during the day as it is mostly shaded till 4:00. its also a great conversation piece.

  4. Wayne Powell (verified owner)

    Third year and going strong, best move we made getting a Shade Dails Canada sail. Staff helped me position it remotely with pictures I took. Great looking and functional, best hardware.

  5. Jordan Batty (verified owner)

    Loved the sail and simplicity of it and so did my client. Great customer service and made in Canada to boot. Sail is made of high quality material.

  6. Derick Carvalho (verified owner)

    I purchased a rectangle 8×10 Sail for my condo in Punta Cana last year and so far very impressed with it ,. As I can see by the stitching and quality of the Sail it will last me a long time.

  7. Robert Wearmouth (verified owner)

    Love my new shade, neighbors are jealous! Definitely buying another one

  8. Gord Keeling (verified owner)

    I love my Backyard sail. I have it suspended between 4 steel I-beams in my backyard It looks great and provides great shade. No body in my neighbourhood has anything like it. Great product

  9. Donald Lowrie (verified owner)

    Love my sail shade. It is just the shade solution I was looking for

  10. Kevin Wilson (verified owner)

    We are very happy with the service of Shade Sails Canada in meeting our specific and unique shade project. After much collaboration and photos and sketches, Graham at Shade Sails proposed a solution that works! We now have our 12′ x 18′ shade and privacy panel. The quality of the fabric and hardware is excellent. Erecting the cable and hardware with the shade panel – was a breeze. Thanks to the team at Shade Sails Canada for your quick turnaround and exquisite service! The package arrived days earlier than expected! Regards, Kevin Wilson Vancouver, BC

  11. Michael Hamelin (verified owner)

    We absolutely love our sunshade. We have it partially covering our pool to keep the afternoon hot sun off our daughters heads, but at the same time allowing a decent amount of light to pass thru. Very strong but lightweight.

  12. Mathieu Lambert (verified owner)

    Great quality product + excellent and kind service from the team.

  13. Keith Lord (verified owner)

    After an initial installation problem and help from Shade Sails Canada we are flying.

  14. Becky Dudley (verified owner)

    We have received two of these shade sails for our Non-Profit Daycare and they are amazing! We previously did not have any shade for the children outside, and they provide ample shade and are great quality. Highly recommended!

  15. Steve Chandler (verified owner)

    The Shade Sail I purchased from you last year is outstanding. It was very easy for me to take it down for the winter and reinstall this spring. The sail does a great job of keeping the sun and nasty tree sap of my vehicles.

  16. Matthew Potter (verified owner)

    We built a large deck on our south facing yard with plans of enjoying it every summer. In reality we discovered it was way too hot with direct sun pounding down on us. We started looking for a simple solution that wouldnt be too big and expensive or overpower our back yard. We decided to order our shade sail with all the stainless hardware. We put in a couple of posts with cranks and mounted the other side directly to the house. It is super simple to take down during winter or storms. We now get to enjoy our deck whenever we like. An added bonus is that it blocks some sun going to our large windows which drops the temperature inside the house considerably. I always recommend shade sails to friends and family and will continue to do so.

  17. Ian McIntosh (verified owner)

    Shade sail is awesome

  18. Robert Diez (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Very durable, yet light enough that one person can set it up. Material prevents water from pooling yet provides shade needed. The latch hoops and the tightening mechanism is easy to use and effective at maintaining certain degree of tightness. Colour matches well with house brick. Folds away easily and does not crease. Quite happy since it’s size provides shade to the whole patio.

  19. Neil Stewart (verified owner)

    This is the first time I’ve used the shade sails and they did the job better than I thought they would. Very stylish.

  20. Denise Harrison (verified owner)

    We love our shade sail! It provides just enough shade when needed, and it looks fantastic!!

  21. Paul Moss (verified owner)

    This is a 12 x 18 model, standard sizing. Blocks sun very well, and darker colour is beneficial in keeping brightness and glare down. Had two days of 70-80kph winds this week, and barely moves. Should hold up well.

  22. Debbie Bailey (verified owner)

    Love the new shade sail we have. It makes having coffee on our deck so much more enjoyable in the morning! Plus it helps shelter us from light rain and winds so we can spend even more time outside.

  23. Adenne Petri (verified owner)

    Being dealing with Shade Sail Canada now for 2 years as we are working together to find a solution for our patio area. We order a sail more than a year ago. We found that it is not the correct size after trying to install the sail this summer. Shade Sail Canada is now helping us find the correct solution for our patio area. They are willing to do an exchange for us even after 1 year. No other company will do that. It’s really amazing. Every representative that I have been dealing with has been so helpful and understanding. Really great company to deal with. I don’t have any images yet, but as soon as I do I will add them. (Please note that the image attached is not mine)

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